10 essential items for your University Survival Kit

So,  you’ve been accepted on your course, you’ve got your place in halls and you’re about to enter one of the most exciting times of your life. Are you prepared? Fear not, with our university survival kit, you can make sure you’ve got everything you’ll ever need to make the most out of your university experience.

1. Durable plastic cups

Not glass, plastic! Perfect for parties and even better for hangovers.

2. Earplugs

You won’t regret putting these in your university survival kit. For those nights when you just want to have a quiet evening in and you’ve got exams in the morning, but everyone else seems to want to party.

3. A Scanmarker

This is another essential for your university survival kit. With one of these baby’s, you can instantly scan your notes into your laptop, desktop computer or tablet. Trust us, you’ll want one of these for early morning lectures when you’re too tired to type.

4. Playing cards (multiple packs)

Ah, the humble pack of playing cards. Seen at every university party since the 1960’s. You can’t play a good drinking game without playing cards. You’ll find that after a heavy night, they’ll always be one jack of hearts or 10 of spades missing down the back of someone’s sofa cushions, so it’s good to have multiple packs handy.


5. A sewing kit

You’re not always going to be able to afford new clothes now that you’re a student, so having a sewing kit handy for when you lose a button on your coat or tear a hole in the crotch of your jeans during freshers week is a good shout.

6. Blue tac and pins

Not an obvious part of your university survival kit, but when you get to your halls or shared house, you’re going to want to make the place your own. Put up posters with blue tac and pins, that way you can save the paintwork and your deposit.

7. Loose change

Have you ever been to the launderette? You will be making many a visit soon, we’re sure of that. Loose change is always great to have for washing your clothes and for taking the bus, which you’ll likely be doing a lot of, too.

8. Oven gloves

Boring? Maybe. Often forgotten and always needed? Definitely. Save your fingers and your new white tea towels from burn marks with a pair of oven gloves.

9. An extension lead

This is vital for your university survival kit. The flats in halls don’t always have plug sockets where you need them, and when you’ve just lugged you TV, toaster, kettle, hairdryer and laptop halfway across the country, you’re going to want to be able to plug them in.

10. A hot water bottle

It can get really chilly in the winter, especially when the heating is only on at certain times. Having a hot water bottle is a great way to make sure you’ll always be cosy and comfortable on those cold winter nights.



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