5 Ways ScanMarker Can Teach You How To Study Effectively

The books are piling up. You are deep in the research stage for your study project. But with so many sources and the need to summarize, you need to ensure you know how to study effectively.

That’s where ScanMarker comes in. It is an OCR scanner which allows you to instantly highlight the text you need, ready for further reading.

Such is the number of Scanmarker benefits, that we decided to break them down in this blog.

1. State of the art technology

How to study effectively shouldn’t involve clunky pieces of equipment. In days gone by, components such as tooth wheels were needed in order to measure scanning speed.

Now that is a thing of the past, and one of the big reasons is the image processing technology which is exclusively used in Scanmarker thanks to a patent.

What happens is that the printed text is captured immediately as a raw image, before it is processed and stored. This allows it to be recognized by the OCR software.

2. The need for speed

What’s the point in a tool which claims to help you find how to study effectively, but in fact involves a lot of waiting around? Scanmarker recognizes the need for speed, and that means your text is instantly transferred to a mobile app or computer.

It is then ready for you to analyze, edit and share. From the time you scan to the storing of the image takes less than a second! So what are you waiting for?

3. Empowering you with choice

The modern-day student is digitally savvy. We use a number of different pieces of computer software and web platforms to communicate. When it comes to studying, the same applies.

This is why Scanmarker shows you how to study effectively. You can transfer the test anywhere from a Microsoft Word document to an email service such as Gmail.

If you can type somewhere on your keyboard, there seems a good chance Scanmarker can transfer text there.

4. Top translation

If you are an overseas student looking for clues on how to study effectively, Scanmarker can be your savior.  That’s because it allows translation into more than 40 different languages.

So it doesn’t matter if you are studying a text in your mother tongue. You will be able to translate it into a language which you are most comfortable with. And it only takes a few seconds.

5. Text to speech

Do you associate studying with hours spent stooped over reading material, mumbling to yourself? If so, perhaps you need more ways of how to study effectively. Scanmarker negates the need to speak as a method of memorizing text.

That’s because it has a ‘read aloud’ function which is capable of actually reading the text back to a student while they are scanning.

You might be amazed at how much easier this makes it absorb what you are reading. In this regard, Scanmarker is also recognized as being able to assist in learning for those with disabilities.

Uniquely effective

Scanmarker is something you need to try to believe. Put yourself on the path to the grades you want with this ingenious study tool.


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