5 ways to make the most out of your university life

University life is promising! Going to university is an exciting opportunity for everyone, right? It will be the best years of your life surrounded by so many new people and making friends while getting great grades will be easy, right?

Well not necessarily. It can be a challenging time and everyone responds differently to new surroundings and new people. So to make the most of your university life, following our top 5 tips:

1.Get engaged!

No, not to that guy you met in the bar last night, but with extracurricular activities. University isn’t only about studying for exams or furiously taking notes during your lecture. It’s about taking advantage of the other opportunities at your university.

Language courses, band practices, culture clubs and sports teams are just a few new activities to take part in to enrich your university life and find new skills you never knew you had.

2.Go abroad

You’ve probably heard the endless stories from your friends which start with “did I tell you I studied abroad…” and were oozing with jealousy.

Well, make it happen for yourself! Doing a semester or a year abroad can really open up your mind to career opportunities further afield. Spending time away from your normal surroundings will teach you so much about yourself and when you study at a partner university abroad, you’ll find many other students from all over the world taking part in the same life-changing experience.

Make friends and connections from all over the world and broaden your cultural horizons.

3.Take care of yourself and each other

It might seem super obvious, but students do tend to neglect the things which matter the most: sleep, eating well and doing plenty of regular exercises.

University life might introduce you to some pretty wild partying but don’t let bad habits spoil a healthy body. Take time to rest, stock up on healthy food and take regular walks or runs. This is also something you can do with your new friends to make sure everyone stays at the top of their game.

4.Don’t be afraid to look smart

Being smart doesn’t come with the label of being ‘nerdy’ once you get to university.

Don’t stop yourself from looking keen as an active learning environment will encourage your fellow pupils too. Make sure you don’t lag behind and end up finishing those midterm papers during a coffee-fuelled coma.

Keep track of your deadlines by starting papers on time and attending all your classes.

5. Ask for help when you need it

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed is very normal as you go through university life. But remember all your fellow students are in the same boat and your university has specialist resources on campus to help you feel like your normal self.

Talking to a student guidance counselor is one way of reaching out for help to someone you can trust. Nobody should feel afraid to speak up about not feeling 100% perfect all the time after all.


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