6 Steps To Completing Any Assignment in No Time

There comes a time when you receive an Assignment that you find challenging. Either the instructions don’t make sense, or it deals with a subject you haven’t covered, or the deadline is too close for comfort.

Whatever the situation, there is a simple process you can use that will help you complete it on time and in style.

1. Be negative

It sounds like bad advice but rolls with it. The first step towards completing a challenging assignment lies in figuring out what you can’t do. What is the one thing that will prevent you from completing it? Are you lacking important information? Does it require specific equipment? Is the deadline too close? Identifying the challenge is the best way to overcome it, as it gives you something concrete to work on.

2. Look to your past

No assignment exists in isolation. Unless you are at the very beginning of a course, any assignment should have a link – however tenuous – with the one you have completed in the past. By using that existing piece of work as a foundation, you can use it to support your current piece of work.

3. Who is this assignment for?

Knowing your target audience is a life skill that we should all learn at an early age. Is the task to be assessed by your course teacher, an independent examiner, or a manager? Or is it intended to be critiqued by a group your peers? Knowing who you are pitching your assignment to, allows you approach it from an angle to which they might relate.

4. Start early

When it comes to completing an assignment, nothing is a greater threat than the deadline. Whether you are expected to hand in your work in 12 hours or 12 months, it’s important to start it as soon as you can. The mad panic students suffer when trying to produce a 1,000-word essay the night before it is due to be handed in can be a terrible thing to witness, and rarely delivers good results.

5. Pace yourself

By starting early, you have the luxury of being able to take your time. However, this does not mean that, once you’ve started, you can sit back and relax for three weeks, because the essay isn’t due until then. It does mean, that you can chop it into more manageable pieces. Half an hour a day, every night is preferable to spending the entire weekend trying to complete it. Also, since you are coming to the assignment fresh each day, this will be reflected in your writing.

Enjoy yourself

No matter the subject, no matter the teacher, no matter the topic, find something in your routine that you enjoy, and begin each new session with it. It could be as simple as some background music or taking a brisk walk around the block. Whatever it is, the endorphins you release by doing it will cause your brain to associate assignments with positive feelings.


None of these tips are especially earth-shattering, but they are often forgotten when we have an assignment looming over us. Take the time out to follow this simple process, and see how easy it is to complete even the most challenging assignment.


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