Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Scanmarker Air – Assistive Technology Tool

Scanmarker Air is an invaluable tool for those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The integrated text to speech function in the Mac, Windows, iOS and Android software allows the user to hear the text being read back to them in real-time whilst it is being scanned.
This facilitates a clearer understanding of the scanned material. It enhances comprehension, reading ability, self confidence, the learning process and ultimately empowers them to achieve academic success
  • Promote independence
  • Boost confidence
  • Achieve higher grades
  • Improve reading ability
  • Enhance comprehension

Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Scanmarker the best tool for learning disabilities?
Scanmarker’s integrated text to speech feature enables you to scan and hear what has been scanned, which is a great aid for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, helping them to be build confidence and become more self-sufficient in their studies and daily activities.
What are Scanmarker’s most useful features?
Scanmarker can be connected to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer, and mobile through USB and Bluetooth.
The large screens of these devices help facilitate the learning process since the text can be easily followed and referred back to when needed either in our application or on an external program.

The read-aloud feature works in many different languages and voices, with an option included for adapting the speed to suit your individual preference.
Can I use Scanmarker as an Exam Pen?
Students with learning disabilities can inquire with their local educational department, and request to use Scanmarker as an exam pen.

The request must be forwarded in advance, allowing the Digital Highlighter to be used as an assistive technology tool, placed in the classroom together with either a computer or mobile phone as a monitor or for the read-aloud function (plug headphones to your phone/computer).
How does Scanmarker help people with Dyslexia?
Those with Dyslexia have difficulty reading a text, typing back and spelling the words. Scanmarker solves all these issues with its reading pen, that can:
  • Type text 30 times faster than regular typing
  • Read aloud the text while scanning to help understand and absorb the material
Scanmarker is a very useful dyslexic reading aid, as it enables those with dyslexia to enjoy activities that involve reading, learning and studying, empowering them to reach their maximum potential and succeed in both academic and professional environments.
What applications does Scanmarker support?
Scanmarker scans directly into any computer application or web browser of your choice, facilitating effortless retyping and sharing ability – whether you are using Word documents, Excel, Gmail, Facebook or any other application.
Wherever you use your keyboard to type – Scanmarker instantly types it for you. On mobile devices, you would scan into our dedicated Scanmarker app and the text files can be shared afterwards as you wish.
Who can benefit from Scanmarker?
Scanmarker is the perfect companion for every stage in life.
As a child/pupil/student, you can use it to facilitate your study – typing faster, reading text aloud and extracting the important points out of your textbooks.
In your professional career, Scanmarker can assist your research task, by cataloging and storing vast amounts of essential information inside your devices to help stand out in your job.
Scanmarker also comes in handy for those whose visual prowess is decreasing, by typing and reading aloud the text from reading material.
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