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the next level of reading and learning

Empower Your Teaching with ScanMarker Pro: 

The Ultimate Pen Reader for Special Education


Converts text to audio for accessibility in learning.


Versatile tool for diverse teaching: text sizes, highlight text while reading


Integrate various features for voice and text  translation , note taking and more.

Compensates for Challenges

With PRO, your students receive a resource that enables and supports them in reading, comprehending, and learning autonomously. Whether grappling with dyslexia, visual impairments, aphasia, or any other reading difficulty, the challenge is significant.

empower learning

The Scanmarker PRO help students to read  more efficiently and learn fasterer.

complete assistive technology

Also features Scan to File, Collins dictionary, voice translation , and a voice recorder

The complete list of features and functions are :

Reading in over 50 languages : 5 offline and 50 online 

Collins Dictionary in English

Translate in over 112 languages : 5 offline and 107 online

Export text: take notes and export scanned text as a file

Speak voice translation online for 1120 languages 

Voice recording for note taking

Favorites for saving sentences and words and read again with dictionary

Settings : for the pen adjustments such as bluetooth connection for audio earbuds, wiifi , hand of scanning, language of operative sistem, updates and etc.

Unlocking Learning

ScanMarker Pro for Special Education, ESL, and Beyond

student support

improve literacy

for special education

For ELL: Language learners

 Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for more questions:

01. How can a pen reader benefit students with special needs?
A pen reader can benefit students with special needs by providing them with access to printed text in a format that suits their learning style. For example, it can convert text to audio for students with visual impairments or dyslexia, improving comprehension and independence.
02.Is a pen reader easy to use for both students and teachers?

Yes, the PRO reader is designed to be user-friendly for both students and teachers. The pen  has a touch screenn intuitive interface and no setup required, making them accessible for individuals 0 technical skills.

03. Can a pen reader handle different text sizes, fonts, and colors?
Yes the PRO can scan various text styles and sizes from 6-24 pt .