The Most Effective Essay Writing Tips

You need to follow effective essay writing tips, to write a great essay.   Writing an essay can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a student and it’s for something important such as your degree.

However, following some helpful essay writing tips can put your mind at ease and give you a guide. Whether you are a strong writer, or it’s your least favorite task, essay writing isn’t always easy. So, if you need some extra advice when it comes to putting pen to paper, here are some great essay writing tips to follow.

Be clear on your topic

Before you begin writing, it’s important that you have a clear idea of the topic. You may have already been given an area to focus on, or you might have been given free reign. Either way, you should consider the type of essay you want to produce. Should it be general, or should you focus on one particular aspect of your chosen topic?

While this seems like a rather obvious essay writing tip, it could make all the difference if you put some extra thought into it before you start writing. Evaluate your options; what is the point of the essay? Is it to educate someone on a particular topic, or is it to persuade someone? This can also have an impact on the angle or focus you choose to go for.

Prepare your ideas

Writing an essay requires organization. You no doubt have a million thoughts circling in your mind with all the ideas you have, so it’s important to get them written down first. This way, you can see links between your thoughts and begin to put together solid points.

This is one of the most crucial essay writing tips, as it forms the structure of your essay. Use a spider diagram to write down the main ideas that you have, or simply just list your ideas. You can then begin to put them in the correct order in which to write them.

Plan out your introduction and conclusion

The introduction of your essay is what will draw your reader in and it should explain the focus of your essay. Attention-grabbing first paragraphs are often advised, as long as it fits in with the rest of your article. An interesting fact, shocking information or quote can often be an effective way to start your essay on the right foot.

Your conclusion is similarly important as it brings everything together with a concise summary. A great essay writing tip is to avoid repeating yourself in your conclusion with points you’ve already made earlier in your essay. Review your points carefully and provide reinforcement to support your work.

Explain yourself fully

You should be transparent in your essay writing. When it comes to making significant points, back it up with evidence or quotes. This will demonstrate an aptitude for research and the ability to use information effectively. It also proves that you haven’t made it up, which is always helpful!

Make sure you have explained yourself in depth, and haven’t left any unfinished arguments. You should remember to make sure your points are fully relevant to the topic, even if it seems obvious.


Hopefully, by following these essay writing tips, you will find that it’s not so daunting after all!


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