Need gift ideas for the festive season? You can do better than socks

Picture the scene.

It’s Christmas morning. The lights are sparkling off the decorations on the tree. Presents are piled beneath, wrapped in brightly coloured paper. A loved one takes their gift from the pile and checks the label. They see your name and look up at you and that moment of eye contact says more about the love your bear for each other at this festive season than words can say.

Eagerly, they tear off the paper, open up the box and, with trembling hands, pull out…



You can do better than that, right?

Of course you can.

Listen, we’re not knocking socks – they’re great. They keep your feet warm, you can never have too many of them, they’re something nice and toasty to wear on Christmas morning and… well… that’s pretty much it.

Why not think about something that is useful the whole year round, has a multitude of uses, is simple to use, attractively designed, and

Wouldn’t that be worth having cold feet for?

Introducing the Scanmarker and the Scanmarker Air.

These pocket-sized portable scanners make the ideal Christmas gift for that friend or family member who seems to spend half their life taking notes for their job or school.

These are Optical Character Recognition scanners, but don’t worry, you don’t need to know what that means to understand why the Scanmarker and the Scanmarker Air are such exciting tools. All you need to know is that they can ‘read’ text automatically, simply by drawing the head of the device over a printed page.

So what? We can all do that, and most of us don’t need to drag our heads across a newspaper to be able to do so. That’s true, but the Scanmarker has a few more tricks up its sleeve than that. Once it’s read the text in question, it converts it into a digital format that the user can manipulate in a number of interesting and useful ways.

By now you might be thinking that this is all well and good, but doesn’t compare to warm feet on a frosty Christmas morning, but wait. We haven’t finished yet.

What makes the Scanmarker such a great Christmas gift is that it works for anybody. No matter what job you do, or what subject your study, we’re all looking for ways to save time. The Scanmarker is the ultimate life hack, making all kinds of research and study tasks so much easier, and freeing up time for the finer things in life.

By transferring that digitally formatted text to your computer through the handy USB cable included in the Scanmarker package or wirelessly using Bluetooth with the Scanmarker Air, you get to use it in any number of applications and web browsers. Is your sister in college? Now she can take notes with the swipe of her Scanmarker. Is your cousin an online journalist? Now he can quote from direct sources with 100% accuracy. Is your old school friend a medical or legal intern? Let the Scanmarker copy their client files confidentially and accurately. The only limit is your imagination.

But there’s more to it than that.

Both the Scanmarker and the Scanmarker Air are able to convert text to an audio file in real time. That’s right: simply by drawing the Scanmarker over a line of text, it will read the written word back to you. The audio voice software used sounds natural and human, rather than an electronic, robotic voice and adds even more value to the Scanmarker. That means no more having to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to your visually-impaired grandmother, and if that’s not worth the price tag, we don’t know what is.

Studies show that more information is retained when combining the written word with audible feedback. This makes the Scanmarker and the Scanmarker Air powerful tools for any student struggling to make sense of their typed notes.

If you have a budding writer in the family, the read-back facility really helps with editing and revision. Studies show that reading your written work out loud (or having the Scanmarker do it for you) helps to highlight basic grammatical errors that are often missed by reading alone.

Do you know someone learning another language? The Scanmarker can help them too. Once it has converted the written word to digital text, there is no rule that says it must be used in its original language. With full support for over sixty languages you can scan in one language and translate to another. Perfect for the modern languages student, or the professional dealing with foreign contacts.

If the Scanmarker sounds good, then you’re going to love the Scanmarker Air. Combining all the high-end technical aspects of its parent model, with even greater functionality and portability, the Scanmarker Air is the ideal productivity tool for people on the go. It shares the same USB connectivity as the original Scanmarker but also includes Bluetooth so your digital text can be transferred automatically, without physical access to your computer. In addition, it is fully compatible with Win, Mac iOS, and Android meaning you can send the digital data direct to your phone or mobile device.


By now you’re probably thinking that this all sounds great, but it’s Christmas. You buy your presents based as much on the personality quirks of the recipient as you do their inherent functionality. Admit it – you’re thinking about socks again aren’t you?

Not to worry. The Scanmarker and the Scanmarker Air both come in a range of bright and attractive colours, so finding one to suit your friend or family member should not be difficult. Whether a classic black for the professional in your life, a shocking pink, a vibrant green, or a whole rainbow of other hues, we’re sure there will be one in there that will suit.

So, have we convinced you? How about we sweeten the deal. Throughout the month of December, all Scanmarker and Scanmarker Air devices are available with 10% off their retail price, meaning you get a great gift for a loved one, and save a few dollars at the same time. What you choose to do with that extra money is up to you.

We’re thinking… socks, maybe?


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