What is an OCR Scanner and how it can help improve business processes

What is an OCR scanner? Whether you are an accountancy firm, legal practice or work in public services; there are many sectors which process a lot of documents.

For those companies, the use of an OCR scanner can save an awful lot of time, improving efficiency as well as accuracy. If you are asking “what is an OCR scanner?” then it is certainly time to read on.

In this blog, we will tell you all about the business benefits of this ingenious device.

The technology you need

The Technology_2

If you are considering “what is an OCR scanner?”, you need to think about image processing technology.

It allows you to run the tool over a line of text and instantly scan it. Once the printed text has been scanned and captured as a raw image, it is processed and stored. It is then ready for recognition by OCR software. What does this all mean for business?

Your staff members will be able to manually scan documents and instantly store sections of text. They can then be made available straight away wherever you are typing. That could be anywhere from Microsoft Word to your email platform.

Implement best practices

While some of your staff might be quizzing you on “what is an OCR scanner?”, that is a natural part of the implementation.

Once you train your team members in how to use the device and ingrain its importance, you can begin seeing the benefits. Any resistance to uptake can subside once your employees see how much time an OCR scanner can save. It can also negate the need to have to rummage through documents looking for a line of text.

You will have everything you need from a document; processed and saved.

An international outlook

How do you say “what is an OCR scanner?” in French? The answer is “Qu’est-ce qu’un scanner OCR?”. An OCR scanner would have been able to tell you this. That’s because not only can it scan and save text, it can also translate it into different languages.

This opens up a world of possibilities for multinational organizations. Companies which deal with clients in several countries are also set to benefit. This is a tool which can help break down the barriers which can crop up in international business.

Designed for digital

It might not long before the question “what is an OCR scanner?” becomes rare in the business world. That’s because we are moving at such a fast rate from paper to digital.

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