Work with Scanmarker

Work with Scanmarker

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Scanmarker works with select retailers/companies/etc committed to delivering the Scanmarker experience to their customers.
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Our mission
Here at Scanmarker, we take pride in using our image processing technology to develop products that deliver unparalleled solutions to help people maximise their time and efficiency. Our products are geared towards a broad spectrum of people, benefitting students, researchers, lawyers, administrators, librarians, doctors, teachers and many others. We have incorporated additional features so that they can also be used as assistive technology tools for those with learning disabilities or visual impairment.
Company at a glance
  • 2012

    Full operation
  • 2014

    Development of Scanmarker Air
  • 2015

    Iris/Canon agreement
  • 2016

    Scanmarker Air introduction to the market
  • 2018

    First profitable
  • 2019

    B2B ramp up