• Excellent tool for productivity As a lawyer I have to read and analyze volumes of text. Skanmarker is an amazing tool that drastically improves my efficiency. Being able to carry Scanmarker in my pocket and scan text directly to my cell phone is invaluable, particularly when my laptop isn't on hand. As for functionality, hardware and software have always run smoothly and without hiccup. I would highly recommend this product for every professional and student alike.

    Daniel Gabriel
    Weberit Digital
  • I bought this for note taking while I study for my exams. This has been a Godsend! It accurately reads the text on the page approximately 98% of the time. The other 2% is more human error - dont keep the scanmarker level while moving across the page. I love how it reads the words back to you.

    michael gennaro
    Israel Ltd
  • This a great product for students and researchers who frequently need to cite or quote sources for their papers and research. Its pricing is competitive; and it provides good value for money. Enables scanning of text directly into an active document (with a audio playback option) or one where text can be saved for reference. It even scans highlighted text. Text that has been underlined can also be scanned as an image and pasted into a document. The best part about this product is that reference books and documents borrowed from libraries need not be marked and can thus be returned in pristine condition. Also as citations/ quotes can be scanned while you read the research document, the document can be returned once the reading is done, enabling issue of more reading books from the library. Overall a great time saving product,well worth the cost.

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