The Power Behind the Brand – Scanmarker’s Founder

Dr Reuven Regev is most famous for his career as a successful electronic engineer, during which time he has had great success as the founder and creator of the revolutionary Scanmarker.


Dr Regev began his technical education with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Communications and Control Systems from the renowned Technion Israel Institute of Technology. The university is well known for its research contributions in the fields of science and technology and is among the world’s top ten. Later in his life, Dr Regev studied for his MSc and PhD at Stanford University, where he studied Industrial Engineering and Management. Dr Regev chose to study at Stanford as it is well known for advancing technological, economic and social systems. This fitted well with his career history and ultimate goals.

Military service

Following his graduation, Reuven joined the Israel Defense Forces, where he was heavily involved in Israel’s high-tech industrial developments. During Reuven’s time in the military, he served in the Signal Corps. Dr Regev’s first role was a Research and Development Engineer, but over the years, he became a group leader and held the notable rank of Major. Dr Regev’s time in the military laid the foundations for a long career in the engineering world.


Reuven began a career in 1979 with Rafael. Reuven was employed as a Project Manager in the Electronics System Division where he worked on a state of the art interdisciplinary system. During his long career with Rafael, he rose to the respected position in 1986 of Head of the Communications Program. These years provided the catalyst for future business development ideas.

Rafael Development Company (RDC)

In 1990, Dr Regev became one of the founding members of the Rafael Development Company (RDC). Regev was a venture capitalist and committed to the company because of his extensive experience in this line of business. Reuven’s time spent at Rafael provided him with the extensive understanding of the challenges involved in turning new technologies into successful and viable businesses. Dr Regev also provided his extensive business, management and financial experience to the company, helping to make it a success. The time spent here encouraged Dr Regev to began to develop some of his own ideas into viable businesses.

Development of the Scanmarker

Following his education and notable positions in managerial research and development, Dr Regev began to develop some of his ideas into products. During his time at university, many of the subjects studied involved intense reading and research. Before exams, students were encouraged to highlight key points to help them make notes of the key facts. Reuven became frustrated with the amount of time it would take to copy and type the important points, which is where the idea of the Scanmarker came from.

Scanmarker success

From Dr Regev’s great idea, the Scanmarker range was developed. It now boosts productivity and studying efficiency across the world. There are many people using the Scanmarker, from students and researchers to librarians and doctors. The device is as small as a pen and allows the user to scan text so that it can be later read after being stored on other digital devices. It will also translate notes into over 40 languages.

Other business commitments

As an entrepreneur, Dr Regev has vast experience in developing products and being instrumental in the process of bringing them to market. This led to him joining the venture capital world in 1993. His first move began with him enlisting with Tueza, the Fairchild Technology Fund, in which he was made Vice President of Business Development. Between 1993 and 2005 Reuven was the CEO of the Vectoy and Elbit Imaging High Tech Division. During this period he was instrumental in the seed stage investment of a number of companies which rose to success such as; the Nova Measuring Systems (Nasdaq), Asigra, Insightech (TASE), Gamida Ce (TASE) and Olive Software. Later, Dr Regev served as the Independent Director of DSP Group Inc from 2010 until June 2016. Reuven also served as the president of the Vectory Investment Company.

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