The 8 Best Productivity Tips To Help Propel Your Career In 2018

Everyone loves a promotion. It’s that simple. A promotion shows that you are valued in your current role and are deeply appreciated by the company. But of course, getting promoted and moving along in your career isn’t easy.

Instead, you need to find ways to boost your skills and performance and get more done each day. And, what’s a great way to do exactly this? That’s right, become more productive! And you can start doing exactly this in 2018 by following these eight awesome productivity tips.8 Producitivity tips

1. Sort out your diet

First and foremost, arguably the most crucial productivity tip for 2018 is to sort out your diet. How effective you are at work will depend greatly on how well your body is functioning inside. It’s time to start looking after yourself.

Focus on eating three steady meals each day and cut out snacking on high-sugar treats. Also, limit the amount of alcohol in your diet and start drinking more water. You’d be amazed by how much more productive you will be after this. Better still, you are investing in your long-term career efficiency, as well as the short-term.

2. Step away from your mobile

Mobile phones have evolved dramatically in recent years, and now have a whole host of key features that allow you to run your life from almost anywhere. Though this might sound good, it has led to a high level of dependence amongst employees.

It is all too easy to become addicted to your phone and its many notifications, as it leads to an immediate sense of gratification. Instead, when at work, switch off your personal phone and stop checking in on personal emails and social media accounts.

3. Block out distracting tabs

Now that you’ve gone ahead and switched off your phone, it’s time to switch off any further distractions from your workstation. Go ahead and download an app like SelfControl. On here, you can select certain websites that you know you often linger on and waste time with.

Then, set limits for how much time you can spend on these each day and what hours you can access them. The key is to personalise your restrictions as much as possible. Work out when you’re at your most productive and block out any other things during this time.

4. Organise your day with shared calendars

If you weren’t already using shared calendars, then it’s time to start. This has been one of the best productivity tips for a few years now. And, if you are already using one, then it’s time you start using one properly! The aim is to better structure your day by showing everyone else when you are free and can be reached.

However, don’t make the mistake of letting anyone else dictate your time. Block off key parts of your day to ward off intrusions that would hinder your work. Then, go through and cut any meetings or appointments by 25%, to ensure everyone makes full use of the time they do have with you.

5. Learn to delegate

What’s one of the best ways to get more done at work in 2018? Get other people to do your work for you! Delegating effectively allows you to remove mediocre tasks that don’t make use of your key skills.

If done properly, you can pass these tasks onto others who are more adept at handling them. As well as boosting your productivity, this tip will also allow you to start improving another key skill you will need in 2018 and beyond to help propel your career: leadership.

6. Quickly make your notes digital

One of the most time consuming and tedious tasks of your day will likely be typing up notes or useful text you find in books or documents. However, this outdated system of wasting your time typing up already printed text is now a thing of the past. The Scanmarker is an innovative new product that quickly scans any text and transfers it to your desktop for you.

In real time, the scanner crafts an image of the text and then uses the advanced software on your desktop to convert that image into actual written text which you can then edit. Other useful features include the ability to have text auto-translated and even read aloud as you scan.

7. Use music, but sensibly!

Streaming music on Spotify or YouTube can be a good way to boost your productivity. In fact, individuals and businesses have been doing this for years, not just to boost productivity but also motivation.

However, you should use it wisely. Listening to music with lyrics and catchy tunes is not the best approach. You’ll soon find yourself singing along. Distracting, not just for yourself, but those around you as well. Instead, stick to instrumental tracks or even just white noise.

8. 80/20 your work life

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? How about Tim Ferris (perhaps its biggest proponent)? Well, it’s known as the 80/20 rule. What this means is that, roughly 20% of what you do will generate 80% of the results. Sometimes, this ratio is skewed even more.

With just 10% of what you do generating 90% of the results. As such, you should identify what these tasks are and focus on these as much as possible. You’ll also find that, within a task, 80% of what you do is truly necessary. The other 20% of a task involves you unnecessarily perfecting something and wasting even more time. Cut this out.Plan your day

Which productivity tips will you try in 2018?

Of course, depending on the nature of your industry and your current position, not all of these productivity tips will apply to you. That’s OK. The important thing for you to be doing is to spend more time trialling new productivity tips and techniques until you find ones that are right for you.

Over time, you will quickly start to find that you are experiencing huge boosts in your productivity, making you a far more effective and efficient employee. This will allow you to advance through your existing company even faster or else become a more likely candidate to be hired by your dream firm.


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