The 3 most annoying things about Christmas for students

It’s not that students don’t want to enjoy Christmas – far from it. There are just certain things that make it an annoying time of year, leaving them wishing that January would come sooner. What are those things, you ask? Here are our top three.

1. The downside of central heating

The run-up to Christmas for those in full-time employment is business as usual, with just a few days off around the 25th. The run-up to Christmas for students involves technically finishing around the middle of December, staying in student accommodation for another week or so to enjoy a break or get some work done, then head home. But with so much time spent in your student accommodation at the coldest time of year, there’s one thing that’s needed – central heating. The temptation to ramp it up so it’s as cosy and warm as possible is high…but don’t forget, it won’t be long until the bill comes through the door. Suddenly, thermals and extra blankets will seem like a sensible investment.

2. Gift shopping

Picture the scene, it’s December, you know you’re heading home to see family and friends in the next few weeks, you realise that you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping. What’s more, since September or October you’ve gradually been eating away at your budget for the term, a term that’s culminated in Christmas drinks or meals with your university friends before you all head home, leaving you with less money than you expected.

And now it’s time to head out to buy Christmas gifts for your family, including those random great aunts and distant cousins you only see once a year, but who you know will buy you presents too. No matter how much they insist that you save your money, you know they’d be disappointed if they received nothing. So it’s off to eBay, the pound shops and the voucher code websites for the stress of finding the perfect gift that will wow them, but cost under a fiver.

3. Regular deadlines

At Christmas, those in full-time employment can switch off completely for a week or so and enjoy the festive break. Christmas for students is different, though, there are always essays to be written, exams to study for, thesis to be completed or practical projects to be written up at this time of year. While everyone else in your family is indulging in mince pies, putting up the Christmas decorations and generally having plenty of festive fun, you’re reluctantly sloping off to find a quiet space in which to get a few hours of work done, otherwise you know how far behind you’ll be when you head back in January. When it comes to student deadlines, Christmas isn’t an excuse.

Bah humbug!


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