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  • Easy and Free to join
  • Earn commission for sales you generate


  • Easy to use text and banner links
  • Videos and marketing tools to download and share
  • Dedicated affiliate team for additional support


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Here’s a simple overview of how ScanMarker commissions work:
  • You will get your Unique ID in the creatives area in your dashboard.
  • You can promote the product online with your affiliate link.
  • A customer clicks on your link, goes to the website, and ends up purchasing.
  • You receive credit for promoting the sale. Your commission is calculated based on the net sale price (see below) and credited to your account within two minutes of the sale.
How Commissions Are Calculated
ScanMarker has several products you can promote.
Here are the commissions we will pay directly to your PayPal account:

Monthly affiliate sales Affiliate Commision %
Up to $5000 15%
$5000+ 15%
Getting Paid
To receive your first commission payment, there are some requirements:
  • You must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement and fill in your payment details.
  • Payment will be via Paypal
  • Payment will be sent within 30 days following the month of purchase.
Refunds & Chargebacks
If the product is returned or if the customer requests a chargeback on the purchase, all money is returned to the customer, so the vendor and affiliate must return their portions of the sale as well.
Affiliate Account & Dashboard
You can sign up for a ScanMarker affiliate account to begin working as an affiliate.
Please read our terms & conditions for the full sign-up procedure.

When you login to your account you will find your own affiliate dashboard where you can track your earnings, payment history, views, clicks, etc..
First and foremost, please update your profile and your Paypal account to be able to receive payments.
How To Insert Your Personal Tracking Links
Get your referral tracking links from the “Creatives” menu item. In the “Referral Url Generator“ you can generate a tracking code for any Landing page / Url you liked the most on

URL, affiliate link is a URL that does two things: It links a potential customer to a ScanMarker site, and it informs ScanMarker which affiliate brought the customer there.

When a potential buyer visits one of ScanMarker’s web pages by clicking your affiliate link, a referral tracking system records that you were responsible for the traffic. If that user buys the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission.
Landing Pages
ScanMarker has a variety of clients. Lawyers, accountants, researchers, students, teachers, travelers, language & translation professionals, people with learning disabilities,etc.
Please check out some of our best landing pages for your use.
Choose the one you like and use the link generator to generate your unique link.
To reach potential ScanMarker customers more efficiently, we have created banners, videos and other marketing tools for you that you can download and share with your friends and colleagues.
There are 2 ways to get media & videos to promote ScanMarker.
    1.Click on Media Library and choose and download the media you like the best. Media Library
    Images/ videos and more :

    2.From your dashboard click on the Creatives tab – you can download the banner by right-clicking or use the banners with the snipset codes given there.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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