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    Web app Chrome Browser

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  • Scanmarker Air and USB

    Desktop software

    Download Scanmarker desktop software for easier integration with scanning to word or other external files.

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    Get intelligent, on-the-go multilingual 100+ languages reading , listening and writing support on your mobile phone.

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Scanmarker Reader

* For Windows, macOS and Android

  • Download Scanmarker Reader for mobile iOS

Scanmarker Air

You can work with your Scanmarker Air in two ways: directly from your Chrome browser or by
downloading and installing the Scanmarker Air application onto your device.

In order to scan into an external application such as Microsoft Word, please use the downloaded application (This feature is only available in the Windows & Mac application).

Web Application (on Chrome Browser )

Download Scanmarker Air for Windows macOS iOS Android

Scanmarker USB

For technical support

  • Download Scanmarker Windows Software

    Version Release: 4.2.7 February 2023
    OS Support: Windows 7 or higher

  • Download Scanmarker Mac OS software

    Version Release: 4.2.6 June 2022
    OS Support: Mac OS X 10.12 or higher

  • Download Scanmarker Air for Android

    Version Release: 3.1.41 August 2021
    OS Support: Android 5 or higher

  • Download Scanmarker  Air for iOS

    Version Release: 3.2.0 June 2022

    OS Support: iOS 10 or higher


Quick User Guide

The Quick User Guide (QRG) provides general guidelines for installing and using the Scanmarker.

Scanmarker Air Desktop App

English Spanish French Italian Japanese German Hebrew

Scanmarker Reader


Scanmarker USB


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