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Writing Assistance for All Levels

Scanmarker pen readers are valuable tools for schools, offering substantial benefits for teachers and students in ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and special education programs.

  • Scanmarker Pro

    This pen reader is a standalone device and a cutting-edge touchscreen assistive reader that
    allows users to effortlessly read text in multiple languages, both online and offline. Its
    capability to translate printed text makes it an invaluable tool for ESL multilingual
    conversations and studying.

    Top Features:

    • Read Aloud:Enjoy text being read out loud for enhanced accessibility and
      comprehension. Access 56 languages for reading online and 5 languages offline.
    • Dictionary Integration: Utilize Collins Dictionary and English-English OPD for
      definitions, synonyms, and translations..
    • Translation Capabilities of printed text: Translate text online into 112 languages and offline into 5
      languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).
    • Voice Translation: Helps students have fluent conversation with their support group in over 100 languages
  • Reader/Air/USB

    These Scanmarker pen models are compatible with a Google Chrome-based web application.
    All three models enable users to scan printed text directly into external documents such as
    Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PowerPoint.

    Top Features:

    • Read Aloud and Translate: Read aloud and translate in over 140 languages online.
      These models are designed for customizable reading and learning experiences, allowing users to adjust text size, voice speed, and page color to suit their preferences.
    • Text import:These models can import text from JPEG, text-based images, or PDF
      files, making them ideal for handling larger text formats like worksheets and
      homework materials.
    • Export and Share :Voice dictation helps students edit the scanned text as needed.
    • Dictionary:Access dictionary support in over 50 languages.

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Research and Evidence

Testimonial and Case Study

  • Case study link
  • A study conducted among SPED educators indicated that Scanmarker contributed to a 25% increase in students' independent learning and productivity during reading activities. An analysis of ESL classrooms incorporating Scanmarker technology revealed a 20%
    improvement in students' language acquisition and reading fluency over a semester.
  • A survey of Assistive Technology Specialists within the education sector showed a
    95% satisfaction rate among educators working with diverse learners, citing:

- Scanmarker's ability to enhance accessibility.
-Support for diverse learning needs.
-Improved overall productivity in reading and comprehension tasks.

This high level of satisfaction underscores the effectiveness of Scanmarker in:

  • Meeting the needs of special education (SPED) students.
  • Supporting English as a Second Language (ESL) students.
  • Positively impacting inclusive educational practices.


  • A comparative analysis between Scanmarker and other assistive technology tools revealed :

> Scanmarker offers a cost savings of 20% over a 3-year period due to its
durability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Educational institutions using Scanmarker Reader reported:

> A 15% reduction in expenses related to providing accommodations for
students with reading disabilities, such as hiring human readers or purchasing
specialized software.

  • Modesto School District implemented Scanmarker across multiple schools for ESL students and reported significant benefits:

> Increased teacher efficiency.

> Streamlined lesson planning.

> Tailored instruction to meet the needs of ESL learners.

> Targeted support in language acquisition.

> Improved efficiency allowed teachers to dedicate more time to quality teaching, personalized learning experiences, and individualized support for ESL students.

> Enhanced academic progress and success in language development for ESL students.

Cost savings of using a pen reader for schools

A hypothetical example for a special education teacher comparing the cost savings of using a pen reader versus a human reader:

Read Here

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For K-12

Scanmarker pen readers are an assistive tool that can be beneficial for students across all k-12 learning process. Our pen readers are available to use if the 504 or IEP specifies " Text to Speech" or "Portable text to speech".

Some ways in which Scanmarker can assist students:

  • Text-to-Speech Functionality: Scanmarker allows users to listen to or translate while scanning printed text. Multiple voices and over 50 languages convert text and translate it into a digital version.
  • Note-Taking Support: Taking notes while studying can be challenging for students with learning disabilities. All pen reader models support voice dictation and voice translation.

Scanmarker promotes accessibility by providing an independent learning experience. Students can use the tool in various educational settings, such as classrooms, libraries, or at home.

Read the case study of a 5th grader in special education here

Student holding a scanmarker

Higher Education

Scanmarker is an assistive tool that can benefit students with learning disabilities or ESL students in higher education and a tool for taking notes. Here are some ways in which Scanmarker can assist students:

To efficiently take notes, read and translate, and further edit text for homework and assignments using Scanmarker Reader or Air:

Efficient Notetaking: Utilize the Scanmarker pen reader to quickly read and digitize text from textbooks, lecture notes, or any printed material.

Highlighting and Annotation: Use the device's features, such as digital highlighting and annotation, to mark important information directly on the scanned text.

File Compatibility: Scan text to an external format compatible with your preferred text editing software (e.g., Word, Google Docs).

Text Import and Export: Import and export additional text to your drive.

Dictionary Support: Use the dictionary in 50 languages to learn new definitions. (Only in the Reader model).

30 days Trial Request

Educational establishments can request a free trial of Scanmarker. Fill out this order request, and we will contact you to discuss the details and availability. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding your trial request, please email us at  schools@scanmarker.com

Your Information:

How is the process of free trial?

You will receive an email confirmation once your trial order has been shipped.

You can book a demo session with our team anytime to explain all the features. If you wish to return the device before the end of the trial period (30 days from reception), we can send you instructions (including a return label) on how to start the return process. Trial requests are subject to evaluation and email confirmation.

Scanmarker as an Assistive Technology.

The Scanmarker pen reader is a valuable tool for assistive learning. It promotes a clearer understanding of scanned text, improves comprehension and reading ability, boosts self-confidence, and ultimately empowers learners to succeed academically.

Special Education Worksheets

Want to help your children reach their IEP goals? Our Special Education Worksheets are template models designed by passionate educators and experienced special education teachers to guide students' reading and learning processes.

These diverse activities and resources aim to help teachers deliver special education lessons and support children in reading programs.

The Scanmarker web app (app.scanmarker.com) is a multisensory reading platform for Scanmarker Air/Reader/ USB models based on the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach.


Structured Literacy Programs

By incorporating its features into the instructional process, Scanmarker can be a valuable tool for supporting structured literacy programs. Read more about how Scanmarker can contribute.