student reading with scanmarker at home

Stop retyping. Start scanning

Scanmarker Air acts as a digital highlighter, instantly transferring an editable text version of every line you scan to your computer or smartphone. It is highly valued by researchers, doctors, lawyers, and accounting professionals due to its versatility and time-saving features.

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The solution for busy professionals

Instead of engaging in the time-consuming task of retying and digitizing information from numerous printed documents, lawyers, doctors, journalists, and every other professional can use the Scanmarker Air to:

  • Save time by scanning
  • Improve accuracy and avoid typos
  • Compile information from multiple printed sources onto one digital document
  • Translate information into other languages
  • Step 1

    Click the tip to turn it on against any surface for 3-seconds to turn it on.

  • Step 2

    Download the app. No extra or recurrent charges will apply. Choose your setting: text destination, read aloud, translate & more.

  • Step 3

    Slide and scan. Use Scanmarker across the text just as if you’re using a highlighter, See it instantly appear in a typed digital format.