Which Scanmarker Fits Your Needs?

USB- Air - Reader - Pro

Scanmarker USB
Scanmarker Air
Scanmarker Reader
Scanmarker Pro
System features
Conection for Scan USB Bluetooth Bluetooth Standalone
Compatibility OS Mac, Win, WebApp Mac, Win, iOS, Android,Webapp Mac, Win, iOS, Android,Webapp Standalone
Translation languages Online 78 78 112 112
Interface language 16 16 17 5
Voice Translation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard features
Embedded dictionary No No Yes /50Yes/Eng
Storage On the user’s device On the user’s device On the user’s device 8GB expandable
Portability No Yes Yes Yes
Shareable scans No Only mobile YesYes conectd by USB
Import Scan No No Yes No
Interface / UI Native App Win/Mac + WebApp Native App Win/Mac + WebApp+ mobile app Native App Win/Mac + WebApp +Ios App Standalone
AUDIO Yes, when conected Yes, when conected Yes, when conected Yes as standalone
Text Edit Only on external file Yes on external file/web app/mobile app Yes on web app/mobile app Only when text exported to a PC
TTS on one word line Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan to an external file like Word Yes Yes Yes No
Accessibility features
Change Voices 2 2 Up to 8 No
Change font size No No YesNo
Change TTS Speed Yes Yes YesYes
Customization text mode No No Yes No
Other Features
Scan Barcode Yes Yes No No
Scan Simple Numbers Yes Yes YesYes
Scan Image/Handwrite No No Uploading picture No