Scanmarker Registered vendor of Class Wallet

Scanmarker Registered vendor of Class Wallet

Scanmarker is among the leading K12 education vendors that have integrated and accepted Class Wallet.


Class Wallet Scanmarker

What is a Digital Wallet?

The traditional process involves teachers securing a purchase card or paying expenses themselves and getting reimbursed, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. Digital wallets can provide a faster and more secure way to handle payments, and platforms like ClassWallet are specifically designed for use in education. ClassWallet digitizes receipts, provides better accountability, and offers sophisticated oversight tools for finance officers. Many schools across the US have already implemented ClassWallet and are enjoying the benefits of a more streamlined process.


“Teachers absolutely feel more empowered using this system. If they need something for a lesson in a week, no more waiting to get approvals for a purchase. They can go online, make a purchase and have it delivered, or they can go get it themselves and have it reimbursed within a week. I’ve received emails from quite a few teachers who are using the platform. They are very happy to be able to impact their classroom in a matter of days rather than a matter of months,” said Lisa Loop, Senior Director of Fiscal Services for the Mountain View School District in Claremont, California.


Read FAQ for Teachers on how to make a purchase. Here

Families can purchase via Class Wallet also.

Families approved for the microgrants will receive a digital wallet account from ClassWallet which they can access from any device. They can then purchase program-compliant educational materials and services through the program's portal. Read more on how to shop here.

"ClassWallet's leading digital wallet technology provides confidence that the funds are helping Virginia families and making the impact for children the program is designed to have. It's the heartbeat of our brand," said Jamie Rosenberg, CEO and founder, ClassWallet. "We are eager to support the Virginia Department of Education by implementing digital wallets to unlock the full potential of these public funds toward maximizing opportunity for student success."


Where can I use ClassWallet?
ClassWallet can be used for payments in our ecommerce marketplace, for reimbursements on purchases outside the marketplace, and if debit cards are issued, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Which States is Class Wallet existent?


ClassWallet is used in 27 states and by 20 state agencies across 6,200 schools serving 6.1 million students. 

The company manages approximately $150 million in funds for Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia and North Carolina.

It offers a variety of wallets, including one that allows teachers to purchase school supplies and another that enables families to pay tuition. Other wallets help districts purchase supplies for maintenance and manage the disbursement of government aid.

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