Empowering Educators: Scanmarker's Comprehensive Training and Support for Pen Readers in the Classroom

Empowering Educators: Scanmarker's Comprehensive Training and Support for Pen Readers in the Classroom


 In an increasingly digital world, technology has become an indispensable tool in the field of education. Pen readers, such as Scanmarker, offer educators and students a powerful way to enhance learning experiences. However, to fully harness the potential of these devices, comprehensive training and support are essential. Scanmarker understands the significance of professional development and aims to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and resources to seamlessly integrate pen readers into their classrooms.



Training Tailored to Educators' Needs:

Scanmarker takes a learner-centric approach, recognizing that educators have varying levels of familiarity with pen readers. Whether you're a tech-savvy educator or new to assistive technology, Scanmarker offers a range of training options to cater to your specific needs. Our training sessions can be either online with live demos sessions and usage or in person at your school premises.


Onboarding Sessions:

Upon acquiring Scanmarker's pen reader solution, educators gain access to detailed onboarding sessions. These sessions provide a step-by-step guide on setting up and using the pen reader effectively. Educators will become familiar with its functionalities, features, and applications, ensuring a smooth transition into the classroom environment. Contact us for a summary of the onboarding sessions at schools@scanmarker.com


Webinars and Workshops: Scanmarker organizes upon request webinars and workshops led by experienced instructors with teaching experience. These interactive sessions delve deeper into the functionalities of the pen reader and explore innovative teaching methods for its implementation. Educators can actively participate, ask questions, and learn best practices from experts in the field.


Online Resources and Tutorials: Scanmarker's comprehensive online resources, including video tutorials and user guides, serve as a valuable reference for educators. These materials cover a wide range of topics, from basic operations to advanced techniques for using pen readers effectively. Educators can access these resources at any time, allowing for self-paced learning and convenient professional development. Check our tutorials page


 Ongoing Support and Collaboration:


Scanmarker understands that learning doesn't end with training. To ensure educators have continuous support and the opportunity to exchange ideas, the company offers various avenues for ongoing assistance and collaboration.


Dedicated Support Team: Scanmarker provides a dedicated support team, readily available to address any queries or concerns that educators may have. This ensures that educators receive prompt assistance whenever they encounter challenges or need further guidance.


Community Forums and Discussion Groups: Scanmarker facilitates a vibrant online community where educators can connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas.


Collaborative Partnerships: Scanmarker actively seeks partnerships with educational institutions and organizations. These collaborations promote knowledge sharing and foster a culture of professional development. By partnering with Scanmarker, educators gain access to exclusive events, seminars, and collaborative projects, enriching their professional growth. Please check our affiliate and brand ambassador programme.


Benefits of Scanmarker's Approach:

By providing comprehensive training, ongoing support, and fostering collaboration, Scanmarker empowers educators to utilize pen readers effectively in the classroom. The benefits of this approach include:


Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Educators gain the knowledge and skills needed to leverage pen readers as powerful teaching aids, resulting in more engaging and inclusive classroom experiences. Students can improve their reading and comprehension skills, access learning materials independently, and overcome barriers to learning.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity: With Scanmarker's training, educators can maximize their efficiency in using pen readers, reducing administrative burdens and optimizing instructional time. This enables educators to focus on individualized instruction, differentiated learning, and personalized support for students.


Professional Growth Opportunities: By investing in professional development, educators expand their expertise, stay updated with emerging trends in educational technology, and position themselves as leaders in their field. The skills acquired through Scanmarker's training can benefit educators throughout their careers.





Scanmarker recognizes the transformative potential of pen readers in the classroom and places great emphasis on providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to educators. By equipping educators with the necessary knowledge, resources, and opportunities for collaboration, Scanmarker enables them to embrace the full potential of pen readers, fostering inclusive and effective learning environments for all students.

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