Scanmarker with MindCET

Scanmarker with MindCET

Scanmarker with MindCET Israel

In the dynamic realm of educational technology, Scanmarker takes center stage as a prominent participant in MindCET's 12th cohort, signaling a bold step towards revolutionizing learning through innovation. The accelerator, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of EdTech, provides a fertile ground for Scanmarker to showcase its expertise and explore new horizons.

The launch of the cohort not only marked a significant moment for MindCET but also served as a platform for Scanmarker to unveil its vision for the future of education. 

Scanmarker, a trailblazer in education technology, brings a unique perspective to the cohort. The company's innovative tools transcend conventional methods, offering a solution that addresses the evolving needs of learners. As Scanmarker takes its place among the participants, there is a palpable excitement about the doors and opportunities that this accelerator program is set to unlock.

The focus on diverse verticals within the education sector, from preK to higher education, aligns seamlessly with Scanmarker's commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of learning needs. The inclusion of assistive technology underscores the company's dedication to making education accessible to all, ensuring that no learner is left behind.

For Scanmarker, participation in MindCET is not just about being part of an event; it's a strategic move towards opening new doors and exploring untapped opportunities. The accelerator serves as a springboard for Scanmarker to connect with mentors, tap into a network of like-minded innovators, and potentially secure partnerships that will propel its vision forward.

Looking ahead, Scanmarker invites stakeholders and enthusiasts to join them at Bett Global London 2024, where the company will continue to showcase its commitment to pushing the boundaries of EdTech. The event provides a stage for Scanmarker to demonstrate how its participation in MindCET's accelerator is a catalyst for transformative change in the education landscape.

In conclusion, Scanmarker's role in MindCET's 12th cohort is more than just participation; it's a strategic move to propel the company into new realms of innovation and collaboration. As Scanmarker navigates this accelerator journey, the company anticipates the opening of doors that lead to exciting opportunities, solidifying its position as a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology. Stay tuned as Scanmarker sets the pace for a future where learning is redefined through cutting-edge innovation.




MindCET, is an EdTech innovation center which brings together entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers to develop innovative ground breaking educational technology in Israel and beyond. MindCET is an independent body within the Center for Educational Technology (CET). MindCET aims to diminish the gap between the impact of technology in and outside the school environment through the understanding of the pedagogic implications of technology and the development of ways in which technology can significantly change teaching and learning processes.

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