We updated our software!! Now access Scanmarker Air/Reader/USB via our web based software at app.scanmarker.com

No activation code needed

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Software access for Mac, Windows and Android Mobile

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Download Scanmarker Air or Reader from app store iOS

Android app for Air model

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app on my computer?

No , with our latest upgrade you can start scanning with the models Reader/Air/USB with our software by SignUp & Login to our web address open in a chrome browser at app.scanmarker.com

I want to install Scanmarker native app on my computer. How can I ?

Our latest update offer users of Scanmarker Air , Reader, USB access to our software via our web app. For scanning to an external file like word please follow step-by-step scan to external tutorial in support tutorials or contact us.

Does Scanmarker works to scan to a Microsoft Word or email?

Yes, you can use Scanmarker Air , Reader, and USB models to scan directly to an external document such as Word, excel, PowerPoint, notepad, email, google docs and anywhere there is an editor.

Scan to an external file is available only for Windows and Mac native app.

Is Scanmarker Software Free

Yes, you can use Scanmarker software for free with the purchase of Scanmarker Air, USB, and Reader models.

Do I need an activation code?

No, none of the devices if Scanmarker needs an activation code.

Where is the Instruction Manual?

All the instruction manuals are updated on this page on a regular basis. You can contact us for any specific question you might have,

What is the difference between the Air/Reader and Pro

The Air/Reader/USB devices need a computer or mobile phone to be able to read text and listen connected at all times via bluetooth or usb provided cable .

The Pro device is a stand alone touchscreen device that do not need a computer to listen the text and see it. If you need more information please contact us or check our support center.

For technical support

Manuals and User Guide

Access all the manuals of Scanmarker in : English, Español, Italiano, Français and Deutsch : Here

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