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E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +1 (573) 400-2573

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Scanmarker Air & Scanmarker USB

Download Scanmarker Windows software
Version Release: 4.2.6 June 2022
OS Support: Windows 7 or higher

Download Scanmarker Mac OS software
Version Release: 4.2.6 June 2022
OS Support: Mac OS X 10.12 or higher

Scanmarker Air

Download Scanmarker Android
Version Release: 3.1.41 August 2021
OS Support: Android 5 or higher

Download Scanmarker iOS
Version Release: 3.2.0 June 2022
OS Support:
iOS 10 or higher

Scanmarker Reader

Access Scanmarker Reader online anytime you have an internet connection by just typing the address or click the button below for direct connection

For iOS click the button below to download the Scanmarker Reader app

Quick User Guide

The Quick User Guide (QRG) provides general guidelines for installing and using the Scanmarker. Choose your preferred language on the links below.

Scanmarker Air

Scanmarker Reader

I want to listen to the Quick User Guide. How do I set it to read aloud?
1.Open an Adobe (pdf) file.
2.Toggle to the “view” screen and scroll down to “Read Out Loud.”
3.Select “Activate Read Out Loud".
4.Select how you want the document to be read “Read This Page Only” or “Read To End of Document".
See the real action of Scanmarker.

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Supported languages

Albanian | Azerbaijani | Bulgarian | Chinese (S Vert) | Chinese (Simple) | Chinese (TVert) Chinese (traditional) | Corsican | Croatian | Czech Danish | Dutch | English | Esperanto | Estonian | Fijian | Finnish | French | Galician | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hungarian | Icelandic | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Japenese Vert | Korean | Korean Vert | Latin | Latvian | Lithuanian | Moldovan | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Scottish Gaelic | Serbian | Slovak | Slovene | Spanish | Swedish | Swiss German | Tagalog | Turkish | Ukranian | Xhosa | Zulu...and many more. Contact us if you have inquiry for a specific language.

Scanmarker Air and Scanmarker USB supports more than 70 languages.
Scanmarker Reader supports more than 128 languages.