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Scanmarker Exam

Scanmarker Exam

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The Scanmarker Exam pen reader can scan text and read it aloud sentence by sentence or by selected word.

This version of pen has active 3 functions: Read Aloud, Translate and Speak as voice Translation

Read Aloud

Reading in multiple languages: The  reading function supports 5 languages 
offline: English, Spanish, Italian, French,  and German. Online it can read up to 50 languages.

Tap the settings icon to customize the scanning and reading settings.

To listen to the text ‘Sentence’ or ‘Word’ mode depending on whether you want to  read selected words or full sentences.

   Customizable Settings
● Append (Default): Adds new scanned text to the existing text on the screen
● Replace: Replaces the previously scan text with the new text.
    Refer here also to change the speed, scanning language and voices.

Translate Function
Scan text and translate offline in 5 languages  and online up to 100 languages. Listen to the  original scan or the translation. Tap the  settings icon to select the correct languages.

Voice Translate and voice conversation and translation function. 
This function is only available when connected to Wi-Fi.Connect to Wi-Fi (2.4 GHZ), Bluetooth for  connecting wireless earbuds, volume, brightness,
date and time, standby time, automatic shutdown, interface language, software updates, version, restore settings, reading speed, multiline, and pen direction (right/left hand).
Access Settings > WIFI and enable it. Select  the appropriate Wi-Fi network and enter the  password. Once connected, a Wi-Fi icon will  appear in the top right corner. This device  connects to networks of 2.4 GHZ only.

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Scanmarker Exam

Regular price $249.00
Regular price Sale price $249.00
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